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Why Are Children So Obsessed with Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is among one of the emerging technologies in the education sector. It is helping educators to keep students engaged in different types of study activities. At every level of education, the educators and policymakers are putting their efforts to implement this technology at all levels of the education sector. It is being shown that using augmented reality in education is transforming all the classrooms in terms of the learning process in a more engaging environment. More interests are being developed among the students due to different interactive and interesting elements. Due to these elements and features children are now more obsessed with all implantation of augmented reality in education.

Here we will discuss different elements that why augmented reality is getting more popular in the education sector to make the teaching and learning process more interesting and less boring.

Gaming Features in the learning process

Augmented reality is creating more and more interest by adding gaming features in the usual textbooks and text materials. These features transform the traditional classrooms into an interactive one. These elements help them to remember their course in the best possible way in an interesting way.

Changing Traditional methods

Teaching method and all the learning process is changing due to augmented reality like now the students can easily take lectures even outside the classrooms by using new devices and technology regarding augmented reality.

3D models for better understanding

AR has changed all the traditional methods in this technologically advanced environment where augmented reality can be used to generate 3D models of learning topics like animals, plants and many other objects. The students can move these models on any angle to study these objects through different perspectives for better learning. This ultimately increases the engagement level of the students. They take more interest in learning through these interactive methods by augmented reality in education. Chemistry is a tricky subject in which most of the students don’t take interest but thanks to augmented reality and its interactive method of learning to create more interest among the students. 3D models of chemical reactions, molecule bonding, and structures give a better understanding. Through this technology, students can even understand different concepts like a magnetic field, atoms, their movements, cell division, anatomy and many more by proper visualization through this subject. AR is actually adding a gaming approach towards learning to create more fun in learning.

AR apps

Another reason students are obsessed with this technology is that all the AR apps are almost easy and free to use through smartphones and tablets that usually 70 % of students have. Students love to have technologically advanced tools in their learning process for better understanding. According to research, the students who learn through Augmented reality in education have more potential to be successful in their job careers due to more and more technological exposure, maximum interaction level and a better understanding of complex subjects.


This technology is being implemented at all levels even for kindergarten students for better development and cognitive abilities. In short, we can say kids love to have different interactive methods for fun-filled learning.