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Augmented reality in education

Powerful Augmented reality Technology that will Transform Education

This is an era of technology and day by day things are getting changed and technology is getting advanced. In this modern world, education needs innovative methods through technologies to make the overall learning process easier and more interactive in education and training. With the advancement of technology now students have easy internet access for an instant gain of any information. This will help the students to work together with other students in different projects or get professional help.

Education with innovative technologies is very necessary nowadays that help to make the learning and teaching process easier. For example, internet technologies give students instant access to any information, allowing them to collaborate with other students in different projects.

Due to rapid changes in this digital world, the professionals in the education sector are continuously developing new and creative ways to teach their students.

Different tools are being used for most interactive learning. As we see with time projectors, smart boards and tablets substitute chalkboards with rapid advancement. Now, augmented reality is changing the whole world and scenario of education in the best possible way.

First of all, before starting my blog I just want to define augmented reality technology to my readers to easily understand every aspect.

To expand the user experience in the real world now, Augmented reality is used to connect the real-world environment with computer-generated embellishments.

Through this useful technology, we can get maximum benefits like new forms of interactivity between the physical and imaginative worlds that help to improve users’ insights into the real world.

Difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual reality

There is a difference between Augmented reality and virtual reality. Virtual reality plunges the user into a self-developed “reality”, whereas augmented reality creates a complete balance of the physical environment and digital set up. On the other hand, AR differs from augmented virtuality (AV) in that AR improves computer-generated, virtual features to a reality-based environment while AV assimilates reality-based elements to a virtually-created environment.

Role of Augmented reality in the learning and education process

AR has a great potential to be used in the education and different learning processes because it changes the whole mindset of student’s interaction with the real world, improves student engagement, and makes all the education and training process very interesting. It also helps to open up the way for students to explore, expand their horizons and raises their creativity and thoughts.

This wonderful technology can give the best results by opening up new learning opportunities for students, helping them comprehend complex concepts in a very interesting way. One more advantage is that it is more accessible and cost-effective than virtual reality.

This technology opens a whole world of new learning opportunities for students, helping them interestingly understand complex concepts. Due to lots of advantages of this technology the educators and educational institutions have started to integrate AR into their learning plus teaching techniques.

Learning is now no longer boring and it’s fun to learn different concepts through this wonderful technology by incorporating interactive puzzles and quizzes for their students through AR apps. To understand more complex concepts regarding humans, animals, and plants, this technology is widely used in the lab through 3D models.

Not even classrooms and educational institutes now different organizations are also using this technology for training their employees. Even the military is using this for synthetic training environments.

The application of this technology is not only limited in the classroom but several different organizations have begun to use AR education to train employees or even soldiers. One example of how AR education is being used in to prepare their soldiers for wars. The STEM program does this by creating war conditions over a real-world environment to give soldiers real war experience before they have to risk their lives in actual scenarios. 

Increasing Popularity of AR education

AR in the education sector has also become increasingly popular even in all types of fields like medical, engineering, mathematics and history. They try this technology very efficiently to provide their audiences with an interesting, interactive learning experience. Even games are being developed by using these modern technologies to broaden the mind and maximize the learning as well as teaching experience in the best possible way.

This helps all the students to explore learning materials from a new perspective. Augmented reality is a rising trend of technology for making existing reality more eloquent helps to interact with it.

Due to the great potential of this technology, it can be used in the educational institutes to allow students to interact with the real world, improves student engagement, and makes the overall learning process more interesting. AR incorporation in the education sector encourages students to discover new aspects of learning. It develops a student’s prospects and nurtures their creativity and imagination.

Augmented Reality and STEM education

STEM education is the way to attract the new generation in learning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It is the effort to change the learning method beyond facts and procedures by introducing broad concepts, such as scales or systems, and involving students in STEM practices such as developing evidence-based explanations.

You can say that this increasing outlook entails active learning methods, approaches, and activities that highlight practicality and reality. Different studies have proved that STEM education is effective in raising students’ interest in Science and Mathematics

The use of AR technology in STEM education has been growing. This technology in STEM education helps to provide students more chances to develop proper skills through learning experiences, enhance involvement, interest, and consumption of students.

According to these advantages, it is clear that students and teachers should utilize the use of AR in education, especially in STEM education. This technology offers an exclusive combination of physical and virtual worlds. The use of technology with educational institutes creates new types of practical applications and acts to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning for students in real-life situations.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Education

New technological trends in education give new learning opportunities in terms of improving learning, motivation, interaction, and collaboration. The augmented reality concept in education and training helps to improve student’s performance, being active in engagement, and have a positive attitude.

It also helps to increase involvement in learning and understanding of a different topic, particularly when it involves spatial visualization skills. Through different studies, it’s being proved that the use of augmented reality in education provides a lot of benefits based on real-life experiences of augmented reality education.

Making an overall learning process more interesting

Different research has been conducted to prove that practical use of AR in the education sector can help students become more involved in the learning process through the use of interactive 3D models of the complicated subject and regarding different concepts, the student is going through.

Through this process, the whole process becomes interesting rather than a boring way of learning. According to studies, AR in education can increase the actual involvement and interest of students in the overall learning process.

It also helps to boost the rate of students in class with maximum presence due to interactive teaching methods. Ultimately the increasing participation level of students is also being seen which was a positive gain.

Make it easy to understand Difficult Concepts

 It’s difficult for many students to grasp different difficult concepts easily, such as anatomy processes or the rotation of the Earth and other planets because it’s difficult for students to visualize these processes.

This wonderful technology can offer students with precise visuals of unobservable concepts through 3D models, which can help students understand concepts easily in different subjects. This type of interactive education process is helpful for students who are mainly visual learners. So, in short, it’s the best way to understand complicated and difficult concepts more easily and increase student engagement.

Interactive lessons

Now, this type of technology is extensively used in educational institutes. Through this student can view models of different concepts to get a better idea of what they are studying. It will ultimately help to engage students and support learning.

Forming a Learning Community

One another important advantage is that it helps to generate a sharing knowledge-based learning community through which they can help each other by grasping difficult ideas with the help of this technology. It is especially effective in online classrooms, where students usually have to understand on their own and can’t take advantage of the support and connection of their peers like in normal classroom and teaching process.

Cost-effective learning materials

Learning through 3d model is more cost-effective than other learning materials like Posters, digital illustrations, and physical models. All of the educational institutes can’t afford to handle all these things for the students so in this AR technology allows avoiding expenses in the physical materials. Through this technology, students can get access to any kind of interactive learning very easily.

Remarkable demonstrations

The use of this technology in different lessons by teachers then definitely attracts the attention of their students and makes lessons more effective and ultimately the whole process becomes more and more productive in an efficient way.


In this article, I explain every concept of augmented reality and its different influences on different types of education phases as well as education and training processes more efficient and interactive to maximize student engagement.